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Integrated Management System Policy


Our target is oriented for activities concerned with quality of products to meet needs and requirements of our customers in order to satisfy them what means quality measure of our products.


Importance priority is undertaking activities in order to improvement of quality, environment protection and industrial safety, achieving planned qualitative results is realized with continuously improvement of Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment and Industrial Safety compatible with norm: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PN-N 18001.


In producing of our products and services of the highest quality we would like to minimize also negative influence on environment with:

- Keeping rules of law associated with the product and the performed serviece
- Prevention against emission of pollution to natural environment
- Leading activities in organized way, basing on introduced and improved ZSZJŚiB
- Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment and Industrial Safety


Safe and ergonomics work conditions for every employee is one of our most important targets. We achieve it through:

- assurance of suitable resources and means to introducing policy in range of industrial safety and prevention against potential accidents
- assurance that activities are compatible with legal acts, norms and other requirements concerning INDUSTRIAL SAFETY
- using of technological progress, solutions of work organization, knowledge and achieved experience to introducing new technologies in order to improvement of safety and comfort of work
- decreasing of industrial accident, occupational diseases and limitation of occupational hazard to acceptable level
- assurance of active participation of every employee in every activities taken for improvement of Industrial Safety on workstations.


Whole personnel of company is obliged to keeping and improving of Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment and Industrial Safety which target is assurance of: high quality of products, environment protection an industrial safety on workstations.


Policy of Company concerning quality, environment protection and industrial safety was communicated to employees of NARMOD Sp. Z o.o. and on website of Company.

                                                                                             Waldemar Kacperski



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