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The main products of the Company are :

I.  Pneumatic presses (with tooling) for cutting rubber or plastic  elements (e.g. elements for car seals)
    The basics supply parameters of the offered presses are :

    * air pressure - 0,6 Mpa
    * supply voltage - 230 V , AC (TN-S or TN-C) , 50 Hz
    * control voltage - 24 V , DC

II.   Precise tooling as follows:

    * Pressforming dies and punching dies
    * Pressure casting dies
    * Injection moulds
    * Production jigs
    * Check gauges

The offered presses have fulfilled the demands of the European norm , EN-13 736
'Safety of machine tools - Pneumatic presses

Both groups of products are designed and manufactured for individual orders.


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