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In August 2016 EMIT delivered Explosion Proof Motor with Pressurization System to SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A.
23rd edition of UGOL ROSII & MINING in Novokuznetsk
80 pcs. of STD225-4A traction motors
Machine assembly for Fabryka Transformatorów w Żychlinie sp. z o.o.
EMIT to deliver 4pcs. of two speed motors for SPIG S.p.A.
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Polish Factory of Electric Machines Brown Boveri S.A. in Żychlin was founded in 1921. The factory was settled in buildings of former sugar plant Walentynów, which had its own power plant, near the railway Warszawa-Bydgoszcz. The factory started production of three-phase electric motors, transformers, generators to co-operate, among others, with Diesel engines, and later - as the first factory in Poland - tramway motors.The subsequent years had increased production volume - 1924 - 90 pieces, 1925 - 216 pieces.

In times of world-wide crisis, in 1931 the factory was wound up for two years because of lack of profitability.

In 1933 the factory was re-activated under changed name Zakłady Elektromechaniczne Rohn-Zieliński S.A. - Brown-Boveri licence. At that time the most important clients for factory in Żychlin were paper, textile, chemical and marine (navy) industries. The top accomplishment of this time was a main motor for Polish submarine. Several years before the II world War the company from Żychlin won a tender for supplying transformers for the first High Voltage power transmission line Rożnów-Warsaw, Mościce-Starachowice section.
After the war Rohn-Zielinski factory was nationalised and the new enterprise receipt name Zakłady Wytwórcze Maszyn Elektrycznych i Transfromatorów M-1. Production was restored on 15 March 1945. Company remained the most important Polish manufacturer of electric machines and transformers. Within the first years after war the company gathered a group of distinguished specialists in field of construction and technology of electric machines and transformers, who were then the basis for developing electromechanical and electromechanical industry and science.
In 1967 the factory changed its name for Zakłady Wytwórcze Maszyn Elektrycznych i Transfromatorów 'EMIT'. The same year part of production of transformers as well as part of employees was transferred to Łódź to new founded transformers factory ELTA.
In 1997 as a result of privatisation ELEKTRIM S.A., Warsaw became an owner of 70% of company's shares. The same year ELEKTRIM decided to form a capital group Elektrim-Motor on a basis of domestic manufacturers of electric motors, including also Besel, Indukta and Celma. As a manufacturer of rotating machines and small and middle output transformers, EMIT keeps its position on changing Polish investment market, readjusting quality of its products, technology and company management to European standards. Thanks to applied quality policy the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate was granted to EMIT S.A. in 1997. In 2001 as a result of ownership transformation the transformers factory was separated from EMIT S.A.


In years 2000-2002 companies from Elektrim-Motor group, including EMIT, were taken over by Electropol Cantoni, Milano Italy and Interelectra Holding, Luxembourg. The factory receipt name Zakład Maszyn Elektrycznych 'EMIT' S.A. In 2002 on the basis of manufacturing plants and Cantoni Motor export sales office in Warsaw, the Cantoni Group was founded - the biggest manufacturer and supplier of electric motors and electric drives in Poland.



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