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Co-operaion, services

EMIT S.A. is able to provide high quality services in scope presented below. We have big experience in working as a sub-supplier on long term basis. Should you be be interested in more details please don't hesiate to contact us -


Mechanical machining:
- turning on CNC vertical lathes of elements with diameter up to fi 3200mm and height up to 2400mm,
- machining on CNC horizontal boring machines of elements with dimensions up to 1500x2000x2000mm
- turniing, milling and drilling on CNC and conventional machines
- we can realize cutting (carving), chiseling and grinding

- hydraulic presses with up 300 ton pressure
- eccentic presses with pressure from 8 up to 400 ton,
- CNC slotting machines for cutting of lamination with max. diameter of 1800mm.
  slotting on max. diameter of 1300mm and any number of slots also with skid
- we have tools and presses enabling execution of stator packets and rotor packets,
- we have abilities to execute elements from thermosetting materials

- we are able to make welded construction with total weight up to 10 000kg,
- we have new furnace for annealing - chamber size 2000x2500x5500mm
- cutting of steel plates with thickness up to 120mm (with burners) or up to 20mm (with plasma) - CNC controlled. Dimensions of plate up to 3000x6000mm.
- ring coiling from bars with cross section up to 360mm2 and diameter up to 2000mm,
- we are able to coil steel plates - thickness up to 20mm, lenght up to 2000mm; thickness up to 60mm and lenght up to 1000mm
   - welding (TIG) of copper and alluminum

Surface preparation:
- we are able to prepare surfaces for painint through sand blasting and washing.


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