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EMIT S.A. basic production programme consists of over 2500 types of electric machines, and the main groups are the following:
* Induction motors (slip-ring and squirrel-cage), rated output from 90 kW to 4000 kW, to be further divided:

• High Voltage motors (10-11 kV), output from 200 kW to 1400 kW
• Medium Voltage motors (from 3 to 6 kV), output from 160 kW to 4000 kW: Sh series (High Efficiency), Sf series, Sf-E,Sfw series (High Power)
• Low Voltage motors (up to 1000 V), output from 160 kW to 2250 kW: High Efficiency, Standard, IP23
• Low and High Voltage Slip-ring motors, output from 90kW to 1250kW
• Explosion-proof and Flame-proof High, Medium and Low Voltage motors


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