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Located in the south of Poland at the foot of the Beskidy mountains, Bielsko-Biała been known for many years as a town of 100 industries, with rich traditions in the textile, automotive, and electrotechnical industries, and was the second centre of these industries in Poland as far as size is concerned.


Here are major events in the history of INDUKTA presented in the form of a calendar.

years 1878

Indukta is established as a repair workshop for textile machines

Manufacture of mechanical looms begins  

Manufacture of direct current generators begins

Production of induction motors begins  
The factory manufactures 6500 motors per year
years 1939-1944
Production for armament purposes for Germany  
The factory comes under state ownership  
years 1945-1946
Manufacture of squirrel-cage induction motors begins  
Manufacture of textile machines relocated to Befama - Indukta produces motors only
The enterprise adopts the name Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych (Electric Machine Factory) Indukta
INDUKTA transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury
Majority package of INDUKTA’s shares purchased by Towarzystwo Handlowe (Trading Association) ELEKTRIM


From the moment of its establishment until now, the basic products of CELMA have been asynchronous medium-power three-phase motors. For decades, the company was in practice the only producer of these motors in the country. That is why it is not possible to evaluate the role that CELMA’s products played in the reconstruction and development of the domestic industry after the First, and particularly the Second World Wars. It is also difficult to assess the influence of the company, which for a very long period was the biggest factory in the Cieszyn district, on the cultural and social development of this region.


Here are major events in the history of CELMA presented in the form of a calendar.
20th October 1920


From the initiative of Karol Rusz, based on mechanical workshops, Zakłady Elektromechaniczne w Ustroniu Sp. z o.o. (Electromechanical Works in Ustronie Limited Liability Company) is established

This date is regarded as the beginning of the today’s CELMA.



Zakłady Elektromechaniczne ZEM Sp. z o.o. (Electromechanical Works Limited Liability Company) established in Cieszyn



Polskie Zakłady Elektryczne (Polish Electrical Works)
Brown-Boveri S.A. Factory established in Cieszyn


May 1945


After the Second World War, the factory known as Zakłady Elektromechaniczne (Electromechanical Works) is commissioned Rohn Zieliński S.A. Llc. Brown-Boveri Factory in Cieszyn under administration of the State

1950-1960 Licenced production of ‘d’ series squirrel-cage motors implemented
1958-1965 Production of new ‘p’ series of explosion-proof motors implemented
January 1961 Name of the site changed to Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych (Electric Machine Factory) Celma Cieszyn
1964 Production of new ‘e' series implemented
July 1972 Merger of Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych (Electric Machine Factory) Celma and Cieszyńska Fabryka Narzędzi (Tool Factory in Cieszyn) Cefana
1972-1974 Production of ‘f' series motors begins
1987-1991 Production of a new ‘g’ series motors begins
February 1991 The electric machine works CELMA in Cieszyn converted into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury
August 1992 Joint stock company Maszyny Elektryczne (Electric Machines) CELMA established
June 1995 ISO 9001 certificates obtained
11 October 1996 Shares of MASZYNY ELEKTRYCZNE (Electric Machines) CELMA acquired by Elektrim

As a result of the merger of the companies Maszyny Elektryczne (Electric Machines) CELMA and Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych (Electric Machine Factory) INDUKTA carried out as 2011 turned to 2012, CELMA INDUKTA SA was established with its registered office in Cieszyn.


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