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3-phase squirrel cage motors with flame-proof enclosure for belt-drives - STG


        ST(K,L)G motors are designed for driving of mining devices (e.g. impactors, conveyors).

They comply with requirements of the EN 60034-1, EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-1 standards for

group I and PN-G-38010:1997 (standard for 1000V). Motors are designed for operation in the

mines endangered by the explosion of methane and coal dust. They belong to the category

M2 according to the Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX).



> operating duty S1 and S4 60% 40c/h Jm/Jext=1;
> rated voltage 1000V;
> frequency 50Hz;
> insulation class H;
> degree of protection IP66;
> ambient temperature -20°C do +40°C;
> thermal protection of windings and bearings -

   bimetalic sensors;
> with Pt100 sensors built into windings and end

> mounting arrangement IM1001, IM2001, IM3001;
> terminal box on the top with 3 terminals and with 2

  cable inlets.

> rated voltage up to 1140V;
> frequency 60Hz;
> thermal protection PTC;
> with other rubber seal diameter /in cable inlets/;
> terminal box equipped with CK2;
> other non catalogue versions according to the

  Customer’s requirements.

symbol rated output [kW] synchronous speed [rpm] frequency [Hz] rated voltage 1 [V] current at rated voltage 1 [A] weight (IMB3) [kg]
STG 355M4 » 250 1500 50 1000 165 1990


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