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Three-phase rotating electrovibrators


Electrovibrators: EWe, EWd and EWg  are intended for driving
of vibratory implements which serve for consolidation of concrete,
facilitate emptying of  silos’ loose materials, for driving of vibratory
conveyors, consolidation of moulding sand etc.

Design, principle of function:
The electrovibrator is a squirrel-cage, three-phase induction motor.
There are fixed excentric out-of-balance weights on shaft ends.
While running, the rotating weights cause oscilations of the entire vibrator.
The oscilating vibrator in turn can set into oscillations the parts which it
is fixed to. An essential advantage of  the electrovibrators series
EWe and EWg is the grading possibility of  the enforcing strength
at the range: 1,25 kN - 5,0 kN and 1,0 kN - 4,0 kN.
During running of the electrovibrator, it can’t be adjusted.

> protection degree: IP 44;
> type of duty: S3-40% or S1;
> horizontal working position;
> voltage: 400 V or 500 V;
> frequency: 50 Hz;
> ambient temperature: -20 up to +40°C;
> altitude: up to 1000m above sea level.

Driving implements of coherent structure:
Regarding driving vibratory implements of  coherent structure,
 the selection of electrovibrators type EWe, EWd and Ewg using
 the graph enclosed can be made. Considering the required vibration
or acceleration amplitude, for a known mass of the vibrating part
of the implement the grade of strength is set and after that a fitting nearest grade of  force.

Driving implements of supple structure:

Concerning the use of electrovibrators type EWe, EWd and Ewg
for driving vibratory implements containing widespread parts,
such as beams and steel sheets, on which considerable deformations
occur while working, an individual calculation procedure or experience
is required. In these implements resonans appear. If the resonans
is not intended then free - vibration frequency of the implement
should considerable differ from 50 Hz (e.g. free freq. < 30 Hz or free freq.> 70 Hz).  

symbol rated output [kW] synchronous speed [rpm] frequency [Hz] rated voltage 1 [V] current at rated voltage 1 [A] weight (IMB3) [kg]
EWd 32a » 2.10 3000 50 400 3.70 82
EWd 32b » 2.10 3000 50 400 3.70 83
EWe 12 » 0.70 3000 50 400 1.2 29
EWg 1-4/50 » 0.25 3000 50 400 0.58 21
EWg 22 » 1.3 3000 50 400 2.2 44
EWg 42a » 5.3 3000 50 400 9 145
EWg 42b » 5.3 3000 50 400 9 146.5


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