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Spare parts


CELMA INDUKTA SA offers spare parts for all currently produced motors.


  • All spare parts have catalogue numbers. This does not apply to standardised machine parts and trade parts.
  • Spare parts are delivered as ready to use, machined products protected against corrosion and approved for the market by the controlling body.



Enquiries - Customers may ask for an offer of spare parts. Enquiry should contain:

  • correct part number;
  • catalogue number - if it's available;
  • type, mounting arrangement and execution variant of motor (motor's serial number if it's available), in which this part is used.

An offer will contain all the essential information for the delivery:

  • name of the part;
  • price;
  • terms of payment;
  • shipment details;
  • delivery time;
  • precise specification of the part.

In an order the following information should be stated:

  • correct name of the part;
  • catalogue number of the part according to offer;
  • remaining important information according to offer.

Spare part identification by correspondence
In case of a dubious description of the spare part in an order or enquiry, all necessary details are clarified by correspondence. Therefore, it is advisable to indicate in the enquiry or order a person interested in the use of the ordered part.


Motor serial number makes identification of a necessary part easier
CELMA INDUKTA SA has got a register of all manufactured motors. Stating motor's serial number will speed up part identification process.




Delivery time
Delivery times depend on technological cycles, co-operation and availability of materials and parts.

Approximate delivery times:

  • details produced by CELMA INDUKTA – one or two weeks,
  • co-operation details (e.g. cast, welded) – 3 weeks and more,
  • parts not produced any more – according to the enquiry,
  • units – 6 weeks,
  • trade parts and standardised machine elements – depending on availability on the market, time of completing the sets and preparation for shipment.

Ordered elements are sent to the consignee by:

  • forwarders,
  • mail (single, small parts),
  • couriers – at the consignee’s request (Consignees pre-pay or order a courier themselves).


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