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» Flame-proof motors

» (E)cSTe 315S2
» (E)cSTe 315M2A
» (E)cSTe 315M2B
» (E)cSTe 315M2C
» (E)cSTe 315S4
» (E)cSTe 315M4A
» (E)cSTe 315M4B
» (E)cSTe 315M4C
» (E)cSTe 315S6
» (E)cSTe 315M6A
» (E)cSTe 315M6B
» (E)cSTe 315M6C
» (E)cSTe 315M6D
» (E)cSTe 315S8
» (E)cSTe 315M8A
» (E)cSTe 315M8B
» (E)cSTe 315M8C

(E)cSTe 315M2B

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basic information

degree of protection 55
type of duty S1
cooling system IC411
frame size 315M
insulation class F

exploitation parameters

rated output [kW] 160
synchronous speed [rpm] 3000
frequency [Hz] 50
rated voltage 1 [V] 400
current at rated voltage 1 [A] 268
rated output [HP] 220
rated torque [Nm] 513
number of poles 2
rated speed [rpm] 2977
efficiency (full load) [%] 94.8
power factor (full load) 0.91
star/delta start YES
locked rotor torque/rated troque 2.1
locked rotor current/rated current 8.1
breakdown torque/rated torque 2.6
locked rotor torque [Nm] 1077
locked rotor current at rated voltage 1 [A] 2171
winding connection D/Y

technical data

weight (IMB3) [kg] 1152
rotor inertia [kgm2] 1.44
DE bearing 6317C3
position of terminal box ON TOP
terminal box rotation YES
number of terminals 6
number of cable outlets 2
thermal protection of windings YES
thermal protection of windings YES
grease fittings YES
anticondensation heaters for request
frame cast-iron
end shields cast-iron
foot cast-iron
supplying with frequency inverter design (-f)


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