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For 60 years employees of our company have discovered the best methods of driving of machines and equipment. Our history started in a small workshop which employed 20 persons. Like other companies in Poland, Besel SA had also hard times which we overcame. At present we are a big and well known company which goes toward the aims stated in our mission. 


Nowadays customers determine ways of the company's development and their requirements are obligation for us. We modernize stock and improve the organization inside the firm. We introduce new technologies which make it possible to produce products more unfailing and of higher quality. Many years' traditions and cooperation with scientific organizations have succeeded in new goods safe for users and with a variety of useful features.


Now Besel SA is a join stock company. We employ 350 people who are treated as one of our main assets.


BESEL SA has belonged to Cantoni Group, a leader in electric motor production in Poland, since 1998. There are three companies, besides BESEL SA, which belong to Cantoni Group:


Celma Indukta Cieszyn
Emit Żychlin

Ema Efla Ostrzeszów

Cantoni Motor Warszawa 


For 25 years a substantial part of our production has been exported to European Union's markets as well as to Asia, Australia, Africa and South and North America.

All our products are in accordance with directives of European Union and are signed by CE' mark.
Our products can be used in many branches of industry (machine tools, air conditioners, fans, pumps, woodworking machines, etc.).


We regularly explore current trends on the market and analyze all customers' notices. Our customers have a direct influence on the range of products, kinds of package and methods of sales. The company is open to different forms of cooperation. Our technical and commercial specialists offer their knowledge and time to answer your questions.

DQS Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung, which is a member of the International Certification Network EQNet, issued the certificate for Besel for the first time in 1995. The Quality System Certificate was prolonged in 1998 for the next three years.

BESEL SA primarily offers squirrel cage induction motors within the range of 0.04 kW to 3,0 kW.


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