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Three-phase reluctantive motors


Description of the catalogue motors:


general purpose motors; temperate climate,
duty S1,
rated voltage 400V,,
frequency 50 Hz,
ambient temperature from -15°C to +40°C,
standard paint colour RAL 5010.


Reluctantive synchronous motor rotational speed at range of idle run up to maximal torque is a function of supply voltage frequency. It means that at any load changes in given limits and at constant supply frequency, motor rotational speed is constant.


These motors are used, for example, in concurrent drives and group drives, such as belt conveyors, transporters, displacing and displacement mechanisms, run drives, etc., where the same rotational speed of many motors with the common supply is required. The other places of application of such motors are fibre and tape production lines, drives for high-speed grinders and electro spindles, servo-motors, where the constant rotational speed of drives is required, without sensitivity for load change and a supply voltage amplitude oscillation.



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