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The leading producer of electric motors in Europe...
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About the Group

The Cantoni Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products, solutions and services in the area of electric motors, components and tools.
The Cantoni Group business is organised into three divisions: Motors, Components and Tools. Each division serves a global market focusing on its specific customer segments.
We operate from our headquarters in Cieszyn Poland, Cantoni Motor S.A. being the International Sales Office for electric motors.
All the production facilities are located in Poland.

The Cantoni Motor Division in: Besel, Celma Indukta and Emit plants.
The Cantoni Components Division in Ema-Elfa plant, producing motor brakes and electrical apparatus.
The Cantoni Tools Division in: Fenes, Fana, Formit and Narmod plants producing band saw blades, tools for metal-  and woodworking and special tooling.

We have entire control over the manufacturing processes (casting, punching, winding, impregnation, testing) – which are perfected everyday.

Our designs and solutions  correspond to the customer requirements and international norms.

Since the very foundation we focused intensively on quality and  technical development. The results of the Group efforts have led to a growing number of innovations (new series for specific applications) and international approvals.


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